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The “Game Changer” Magnum 2.0 comes in multiple colors and scents. Check them out!

To keep the oils from drying out, store your lures in a cool, dark place.

Customer Mr. Novak with his catch

Send us your photos (small jpeg format, please) and you may be featured on our website! Many thanks to customer Mr. Novak for this great shot, above.

The “Game Changer” Magnum 2.0!

Check out our new “Game Changer” Magnum 2.0 Egg Clusters. Smaller than the old Magnum, no big flat side and will increase your hook sets 10 fold! And available in a host of different colors and our wide selection of scents – or unscented!

We provide a huge assortment of colors and scents for all of our lures, both egg clusters and steelhead worms.

Whether you are salmon fishing the Kenai or steelhead fishing on the Cowlitz, our lures are proven winners. All lures manufactured in the heart of western Washington state, from environmentally friendly plastics.

Be sure to check out our review at Steelhead University!

If you don’t see a color you like . . . drop us a line or give us a call (360-620-4140) . . . odds are we have what you are looking for!

Our lures work great for all species of salmon and all runs of steelhead. Our Egg Clusters and Steelhead Worms are available in multiple colors and scents.

Egg Clusters are 1" and Steelhead Worms are 4¾" long.

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How To Rig Our Eggs

The best way to fish with the 1-inch eggs is to drift fish. Use a slinky or cannonball weight set on a slider, and a long leader, 6-12 feet. For rigging the egg it is best to use a 1/0 to 2/0 hook. Slide the bead down the leader first, use a sewing needle to thread the egg on next, and slide it all the way down onto the bead above the hook. Another option, without the bead, is to put a dab of super glue on the hook and slide the egg down onto the glue. The egg will hold nice and firm.

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