About Snoqualmie Bait Company

Fishing the Skokomish River

Snoqualmie Bait Company is a new tackle manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. The owner is not so new; raised in Washington state with a fishing pole in one hand and a hunting rifle in the other.

The idea for these artificial eggs came to me after looking at all the different colors of corkies that are on the market — but when you look at soft plastic egg clusters, there are only a few colors available. So I set about creating soft plastic egg clusters in proven fish-catching colors. And in addition to the different colors, we have added several different scents to the eggs, two of which I have developed myself, through trial and error. “Steelhead Stink” and “Salmon Stink” are both extremely concentrated and should be kept away from clothing. There are several other scents available, including no scent at all. Check out our Egg Selection and NEW Magnum Egg Clusters for details!

And, don’t miss our reliable Bubblegum Series of Steelhead Worms.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the color you want, because over the next year we have over 100 colors and combinations of colors that we will be unleashing on the fishing public. And, contact us if you have any special requests.

Good luck, and fish on!!!